Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has acquired new dimensions in the recent years. Today, companies are proactively taking up this good hearted investment and giving a social value to all their business endeavours.

In India, though corporate have a strong will to dedicate their resources for a social cause, they find it difficult to reach the right people considering the demography and diverse social problems of the country.

AIM Education & Research Society is helping corporate in investing in social initiatives. With multiple modes of partnerships like Payroll Giving, Cause Related Marketing, Direct Child Support and Youth Support, we helps corporate in strengthening their CSR programmes by letting them adopt, initiate or partner development projects.

NGOs and corporate have discovered a number of reasons to partner:

Creating business value and environmental benefits. A business-NGO partnership can result in measurable business and environmental benefits such as reduced costs, reduced risk, new market development and enhanced brand value along with reduced environmental impacts in the company’s product line, operations or supply chain.

Raising the bar on environmental performance. Innovations arising out of partnerships can create competitive advantage for a business as well as establish a new standard of environmental excellence for others to build on.

Leveraging skills and perspectives not available in the organization. Partnering with an NGO can help a company address issues that it may not have the expertise, skills or resources to manage on its own. NGOs also provide a valuable outside perspective. For the NGO, a partnership can provide a testing ground for the effectiveness of its approach to a particular issue.

Building respect and credibility. When a partnership between a trusted NGO and a well-known company delivers tangible results, it improves the image and credibility of both organizations.

Providing independent validation. NGO participation can provide independent “third party” validation of a company’s claim of environmental and social benefits from a project.

Helping achieve a long-term vision. While most leading companies and organizations have long-term goals and visions, they often are preoccupied with short-term priorities in their day-to-day operations. A partnership project designed to address a long-term issue can help provide the external push needed to realize long-term goals.

Some of the associations with Corporates / NGO’s / Institutions