Beverly Dawn Metcalfe BA, MA, M.Sc, PhD, PGCE Director General for Research – AIMERS
Visiting Professor Women and Development Worldwide, ESA, Lebanon


I am concerned with the management aspects of International Development and Management, I am also interested in the intersections of culture and leadership, women’s studies, and HR/public policy issues associated with human well being. My current work, some funded:

1. International HRD, Education and Governance
2. Gender and International Development,
3. Digital Leadership and Transformation
4. Women and Entrepreneurship in the Middle East,
5. Leadership in the Middle East/Africa,
6. Islamic Feminism, Women’s Organizations and Social Change
7. Islamic Finance, Global Governance, Development

I am an experienced, author and educator dedicated to equality, diversity and inclusion. My work supports people to develop leadership capabilities and I am strongly dedicated to enhancing the inclusion of all citizens role, especially women in development. The relevance and impact of my work, spanning management development and the social sciences, is measured by learned journal publications and disseminated through my profile on ResearchGate and Google Scholar. My work is policy focused and I support and develop practitioners skills to improve management and diversity policies. My philosophy in all development roles, through personal tutoring and mentoring.

Country Experience: I have been honoured to work in many different cultures throughout the world, including Australia, Bahrain, Egypt, India, Korea, KSA, Lebanon, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Russia, Singapore, UAE, USA.

Teaching and Research Expertise

My work explores the intersections of culture and leadership, women’s studies, and social policy issues associated with human development, diversity and well-being. Broadly this embraces Human Capital Development Leadership, Sustainability and Women’s Empowerment in the Middle East/Africa

  • Women’s Empowerment and Regional Development in Developing economies
  • Women’s Human Rights and Development
  • HRD including national and comparative education systems and SDG Governance
  • Women’s Leadership and Development in Developing Economies, principally MENA/Africa
  • Women’s Organizations, Islamic Feminism and Development
  • Talent development and entrepreneurship capabilities
  • Governance, Islamic Finance and Sustainable Development in the Middle East


For global outreach and global citations, see:


H Index 29


RG 40.28, 

Citations, 1783


Dr. Mohammed Masood

– Chairman

P Govinda Reddy

Ph.D (I.I.T, Delhi) Ex Chairman, AICTE

Mohammed Shameemuddin

Addl. DCP Retd, Hyderabad

Prof. A R Aryasri

Director JNTU (SMS) Retd. Hyderabad

Prof. S. Satyanarayana

Ex Vice-Chancellor of Osmania University