We can change the life of those who have no hope

To assist Government of India to achieve the target of creating 500 million skilled workers by 2022, will be achieved with the active involvement of policy makers, skill training institutions and employer organizations. Sustainable development can be achieved by developing strategies that fit with the local context. Therefore as one of its strategies AIM is now keen to conduct studies across geographies so that local economic and development policy analysis can be undertaken to get a demand side perspective. At the same time there it would understand the supply side factors so that appropriate interventions can be planned.

To eradicate the evilness of donation and capitations from Primary Educational Level to Higher Educational Level and merit is followed to spread education among masses, particularly the poorest of the poor in the Welfare State through knowledge creation.


— Our Mission

The objective of the Mission is to “build strong and vibrant institutional platforms of the rural poor that enable them to increase household incomes through livelihood enhancements and improved access to financial and other services”. The focus of the Mission will also include leveraging financial resources, livelihood support, public services and to ensure their entitlements.


— Our Vision

To be one of the best institutions across the State of Andhra Pradesh and make education affordable and reachable to the poorest of poor in the competitive world, to assist Government of Andhra Pradesh in eradicating illiteracy, skill training & development.


— Our Goal

India’s transition to a knowledge-based economy requires a new generation of educated and skilled people. Its competitive edge will be determined by its people’s ability to create, share, and use knowledge effectively. A knowledge economy requires India to develop workers – knowledge workers and knowledge technologists – who are flexible and analytical and who can be the driving force for innovation and growth.